Salad recipes

Salad recipes: healthy grill side dishes

Delicious salads are just as much a part of grilling as the grilled food. We have selected the best salad recipes for you! The best salad recipes for grilling
Grilling corn on the cob

Grilling corn on the cob – this is how it works

Hardly any grilled dish is easier to prepare than the corn on the cob from the grill. How to grill a corn on the cob properly and tips for success including a...
Grilling meat

Grilling meat – that’s the right way to do it

Tender pieces of meat from the grill are a highlight every year during the barbecue season. We'll tell you here how easy it is to grill meat and which tips you can...
Grilling baked potatoes

Grilling baked potatoes: the most important tips

The German folk fruit with a difference: We give you tips on how the baked potatoes can be cooked on the grill and become a crisp, fresh component of enjoyment on the...
Grilled trout

Grilled trout: this is how it gets flavourful and juicy

Trout tastes best on the grill. We'll tell you how to properly prepare grilled trout so that it becomes flavourful, crispy and juicy. Buy troutWhen shopping for fish, look...
Season the burger meat tasty

Season the burger meat tasty

There are no limits to creativity when preparing burgers, and clever experimentation with delicious ingredients is worth it! The burger meat as a base should always be well seasoned and particularly tasty....
Grill menu

Grill menu – 3 refined courses from the grill

So why not serve a whole menu from the grill instead of plain sausage and steaks - from the starter to the dessert! We also thought about it and put together three...
Grilling vegetables

Grilling vegetables – that’s how it gets really tasty!

Before you heat up the grill the next time, don't forget to buy vegetables for grilling in the vegetable department of the supermarket or at the market stall. Because it tastes great...
Salads for grilling

Salads for grilling – that tastes good with sausages, steak & Co.

How nice when the sun finally shines again and the temperatures rise. We then prefer to spend our time in the open air and enjoy a variety of grilled delicacies while grilling....
Grill skewers

Grill skewers – colorful recipes, great pleasure

With meat, fish, vegetables, tofu, potatoes, or bread: grill skewers are wonderfully diverse. Combine as you like and skewer whatever you like! Here are our recipe ideas. Grill skewers...
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