Salads for grilling

Salads for grilling – that tastes good with sausages, steak & Co.

How nice when the sun finally shines again and the temperatures rise. We then prefer to spend our time in the open air and enjoy a variety of grilled delicacies while grilling....
Side dishes for grilling

Side dishes for grilling – salads, dips, and Co.

While meat, fish, or vegetables are sizzling on the grill, we can nibble on the delicious side dishes for grilling. The best recipes for salads, dips, and Co.! All...
Dessert from the grill

Dessert from the grill – sweet ideas from the grill

Grilled dessert Dessert for grill fans: As a sweet end to all the hearty delicacies, a grilled dessert is just the thing. That's why we cook fresh fruit and...
Grill menu

Grill menu – 3 refined courses from the grill

So why not serve a whole menu from the grill instead of plain sausage and steaks - from the starter to the dessert! We also thought about it and put together three...
Vegetarian grill

Vegetarian grill – vegetables and cheese from the grill

Grilling vegetarian is anything but boring! This is proven by our varied ideas with spicy cheese, colorful vegetables, and other delicacies that really gain flavor on the grill. Not only vegetarians get...
Grilling vegetables

Grilling vegetables – that’s how it gets really tasty!

Before you heat up the grill the next time, don't forget to buy vegetables for grilling in the vegetable department of the supermarket or at the market stall. Because it tastes great...
Grilling shrimp

Grilling shrimp – it’s that easy

Not too long, not too short, with the shell or without? At first glance, grilling prawns is a real science - and a supposedly risky undertaking for beginners! But don't be too...
Grilling fish

Grilling fish – the best tips and recipes

Meat on the grill? Anyone can do that! Grilling fish provides more variety at the barbecue party. It's delicious, light, and healthy! Fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids,...
Grill skewers

Grill skewers – colorful recipes, great pleasure

With meat, fish, vegetables, tofu, potatoes, or bread: grill skewers are wonderfully diverse. Combine as you like and skewer whatever you like! Here are our recipe ideas. Grill skewers...
Grilling meat

Grilling meat – that’s the right way to do it

Tender pieces of meat from the grill are a highlight every year during the barbecue season. We'll tell you here how easy it is to grill meat and which tips you can...
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