In Argentina, asado is one of the typical foods. It is common that every weekend, in every home; and especially on Sundays, there is a charcoal barbecue to enjoy with the family. But what are the secrets to preparing the best Argentine barbecue ? Due to its importance, below, we will tell you everything you need to know about it.

The Argentine barbecue: discover the key to its preparation

Argentina is considered one of the five main meat exporting countries worldwide. The preparation of grilled meats in this South American country differs by its flavor and the ritual of its preparation. Here, we explain some factors that define the Argentine barbecue .


Excellence in the quality of raw materials

As a result of the characteristics of the bovine breeds, as well as the type of food and soil in Argentina, their meats are pleasant to eat and easy to market all over the world.

Among the preferred cuts for cooking on the grill, are the following: roast, vacuum, steak, churrasco, popcorn and tail of rump , among others. In relation to the cuts of pork, the pork butcher and the ribs stand out. It is also common to grill lamb meat but in the southern part of the country or Patagonia.

In addition, all good Argentine asado is usually accompanied with the viscera, also called “achuras” of the animal. Within this classification, they include: chinchulines (small intestine of the cow), fat intestine (large intestine), kidney and gizzards . At the same time, the roast is accompanied with chorizo ​​and blood sausage.


Marinades are not used in Argentine roasts

Marinated meat is not usual within the context of Argentine grilled cuisine. Although there are always exceptions, in most of the grills, only salt is added to the meat and it is put on the grill. At the same time, it is essential that the meat is cooked from the fat side to intensify flavors and obtain the ideal doneness.


Argentine asado: a good charcoal should be used

The success of the Argentine barbecue lies in using the best charcoal. An excellent option to achieve a preparation is to use Marabú charcoal . This has a wide heat capacity, its extraction does not harm the environment and gives the preparations a particular flavor, it also has a long duration.


Perform a slow cook

On the other hand, the meat must be cooked slowly. In this process, it is essential to obtain a good ember. Most Argentines usually generate a considerable amount of ember. The key is to place the entire charcoal on one side of the grill. In this way, the required grill will be used, placing it under the meat depending on the desired temperature.


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