Restaurants or individuals that have a grill must know how to grill well. Do you have this problem? Don’t worry, here are some simple tips for making charcoal embers.

Practical tips for making embers

The embers have to be done taking into account various factors but, first of all, if it will be worked outdoors or if it will be done indoors. In the second case, as is obvious, you will need an extractor hood with good power. If the kitchen is gas, it is possible that by regulations it may even be different from the one you already have. If the kitchen is electric, the embers can be installed under the same extractor hood surely.

The use of charcoal in kitchens has gained prominence in recent years. Grilling can make a very important difference in food, especially in meat, but also in fish or vegetables. It does not hurt, then, that you know some guidelines to better prepare grilled food without having cooking problems or bad flavors.

The advice given is especially indicated for the use of embers at the restaurant level, yes, they will be useful for different contexts without having to worry.


1. Wait for the grill to adjust to the correct temperature.

The cooking on a grill does not have to be, as a general principle, the embers strong. If you do that, the only thing you will get is that the food you make will burn. There are some exceptional cases, such as calçots, or the escalivada in which cooking is required with the first flames of charcoal or firewood, but meat or fish should never be cooked with the first flame or too high heat.

The right point is the one where the ember is no longer burning but is alive. About 300 º C. It is here where you reach the ideal degree to cook a dish without burning it. Therefore, patience is the first condition so that you can cook the products well. Remember that everything has a process, until all the charcoal or 80% is not red, we do not recommend that you start grilling.


2. Maintain the ideal distance.

The distance has to be just and necessary so that the cooking is done without burning. Of course, when in doubt, it is always better to leave a little more distance. Ideally, you should leave about 25 centimeters of margin so that the cooking is ideal. Of course, you also have to take into account what the potential of your coal or wood will be. This can cause substantial differences.

This element is essential so that the meat does not spoil. There are some nuances to consider when cooking embers, such as the type of meat and, above all, its thickness. Obviously, the greater the thickness, the longer it will take. In the case of meat, it is always interesting to seal the meat on both sides at a very high temperature to achieve a Maillard effect and then cook at a lower temperature so that the meat is juicy and tasty inside.


3. Use a quality raw material. Good charcoal.

The raw material to make the grill is essential for three important reasons. First of all, the calorific value you will get. The second important reason is the durability of the grill. Finally, we must refer to the possibility of adding nuances to the flavor of the cooking. These aspects have gained prominence in the hospitality business because they make a difference.

The embers are usually made, fundamentally, with charcoal or firewood. Depending on the urgencies you have and your business philosophy, you can choose one alternative or another. Grill restaurants typically use premium quality charcoal. A few days ago we made an entry on our blog about the differences between charcoal and firewood in cooking.


4. Calculate the amount of food to prepare

The amount of meat that you are going to prepare is important because you have to put it in relation to the amount of grill you want to prepare. Remember, on the other hand, that it is usual for the central area of ​​the grill to have a higher calorific value than the rest. Therefore, measurement is essential for your success. It is not bad, either, that you know the characteristics of the meat to be prepared. Try to advance long preparations before the service, so you can save time and you will not be caught by the bull during the service.

Hospitality businesses have to take into account that the preparation of the grill lasts a service of lunch or dinner. Therefore, you have to make an approximate projection of what you are going to use for 3 or 4 hours in a row.


5. Choose a safe place

Safety is an essential aspect, hence it is convenient to differentiate between whether you work inside or outside. The grills in a closed room must keep a fixed safety distance, be isolated from other areas of the kitchen, and be switched off correctly. An outdoor grill should be far enough away from trees or shrubs that they can catch fire. The objective is that you apply common sense to avoid greater evils. Avoid having fryers nearby and placing the grill near the diners.

Security goes beyond what is related to the environment. The grill must be positioned at a consistent distance. On the other hand, it is advisable to use gloves, and good stainless steel tweezers of approximately 40 cm to be able to handle food.


6. Turn off the barbecue or grill well

The shutdown of the grid is an equally important element to avoid future problems. You have to check that the embers have been completely turned off so that there are no problems when no one is in the restaurant. If you have a charcoal oven, limit yourself to closing the air vents to avoid burning the charcoal. If you have doubts and you need to clean the grill, a good option is to throw dirt or sand on the embers.


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