Calçots are one of the typical dishes of Catalan gastronomy and, when it comes to making a barbecue, they cannot be absent. Do you want to learn how to make calçots on the barbecue?

  • Preparation time 10 min.
  • Cooking time: 20 min.
  • Difficulty: Low.
  • Cooking method: Direct.

Ingredients to make the barbecue calçots

To prepare the recipe for barbecued calçots, you only need the main ingredient, which is sold in bunches of approximately 25 calçots. And you should also have a newspaper and a good barbecue, where you can place a double grill to turn them more easily. In addition, calçots are usually accompanied with a sauce, which we will also teach you how to prepare!

Calçots on a gas barbecue?

Traditionally calçots have been made on wood or charcoal barbecues, but yes, they can also be made on a gas barbecue! Of course, once you have finished, think about removing the largest dirt so that it does not get embedded in the barbecue.

Preparation of the calçots

  1. To know how to make calçots on the barbecue you should start by knowing the preparation of calçots. To do this, open the bunches and if you see that the leaves are very large you can cut the ends a bit, to be able to manipulate them later more easily.
  2. It will also be your choice to wash them but think that everything will burn on the grill and then you must peel them to eat them, so it would not be necessary.
  3. Keep in mind that you should not remove layers, or cut the peduncle or tip because when cooking them they can take on a bad taste.
  4. Place the calçots on the grill, one next to the other, with the green leaves facing out, that is, they stick out of the grill. And make sure the grill is properly closed so that you can turn them over without problem later.
  5. Light your barbecue and prepare the fire. Let it come alive and place the calçots on the flames. In fact, this is the key to getting the best result. Avoid embers.

How to make calçots on the barbecue – cooking

  1. As we have indicated, you must cook the calçots when the flame is most alive.
  2. Then you have to turn the grill over, after about 5 or 7 minutes, so that these are cooked on both sides.
  3. When about 15 more minutes have passed, you will see that the calçots are starting to sweat or cry as they say colloquially. This means that the calçots are ready, and you can remove them from the grill.
  4. Immediately remove them from the barbecue, open the grill being careful not to burn yourself, and manipulate the calçots on the green part. Wrap them in a newspaper, so that they finish making the residual heat, letting them rest for 30 minutes .
  5. If you plan to cook more batches of calçots on the barbecue, it is time to start with the second one and carry out the same steps that we have explained to you.

* A tip: wrap them in bunches of 12 to 15 calçots, and if you want to keep the heat better, use a box, bag, tiles, or bricks to store the wrapped calçots.


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