Gas barbecues are functional, very efficient, and easy to clean, which is why they have become a true option both at home and for work at a professional level, their operation is quite simple, it uses gas as fuel, which is transformed into heat by burners that are located under a cast iron grill, a lava stone or an iron.

The burners have triangular-shaped diffusers that cover them completely, their function is to distribute the heat in a uniform and controlled way, they also prevent the fire from coming into direct contact with the product, which prevents the fat from dripping. and other residues produced during cooking can clog the gas duct.

They also have height regulators that allow you to adjust the height of the product to be cooked concerning the flame, which allows you to achieve the desired cooking temperature, preventing the food from burning. This regulation system works by means of adjustable levers.

The grills are designed with a V-shape, which allows the fats or oils that come off the food in the cooking process to be channeled to a front drawer, this facilitates the cleaning process and allows the barbecue to stay clean for longer. weather.

To improve their energy efficiency, some models replace the lava stone plate with ceramic briquettes, which withstand a higher temperature and offer better heat diffusion.


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