Salmon is one of the tastiest fish in this world. And more if you decide to do it on the grill. Here you will know the recipe for grilled salmon for 4 people that will allow you to be successful in your local.

The recipe for grilled salmon for 4 people

The first thing to note is that salmon can be prepared in a multitude of ways and that each person has their preferences. Remember also that each teacher has his booklet.

This recipe is ideal to prepare in your restaurant. First of all, because salmon is a good option to give nutritious and tasty fish. On the other hand, because cooking is rather simple. In addition, salmon offers multiple possibilities to make your recipe unique.

Take note of the ingredients and the method of preparation of the dish:



First, you will need 3 kilograms of boneless salmon, preferably fresh, although it could also be frozen. Second, you have to count on

  • coarse salt,
  • parsley,
  • rosemary,
  • paprika and Pepper
  • 8 cloves of garlic
  • 8 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
  • a cup of lemon juice.

Remember that: the quality of the raw material is essential. Preparing a fish on the grill is a good option so that it tastes better, but for this, you should first have a good product. Don’t scratch with the salmon because, in the end, you will notice the difference.

Another important aspect is the charcoal you use on the grill. As a general principle, you will be interested in using Marabú charcoal because it lasts longer and will also help to improve the flavor of the dish.


Preparation process

  1. Marinating is the first process you have to go through to give salmon that special touch. To do this, you have to mix the chopped parsley with the garlic cloves, the onion, the salt, the pepper, the rosemary, and the lemon cup. Once you have the mixture ready, bathe the fillets with the mixture and then let them rest for an hour. In a tray. This is the previous step necessary for the dish to have a different flavor.

2. After the hour (nothing happens if it is a little more than 1 hour) I recommend that you add a little bit of olive oil and fine salt, to prevent the salmon from sticking to the grill. One of the main dangers you will have is that the salmon sticks to the grill.

3. Once you have everything ready, you can put the fish on the grill. The grill should be very hot and clean. The heat has to be medium-low because the end goal is for the fish to cook well. Cook the fish on the skin for about 10 minutes. The skinless part will be enough with half which is about 5 minutes. In any case, it will be good to take a look at it from time to time to make sure that the process is going well and that it does not overcook.

4. Serve it with some garnish and if you wish, top with a little freshly ground pepper.


Why choose the grill as an option to prepare salmon?

The truth is that there are several methods to prepare salmon and they have their pros and cons.

The grill has several advantages over other procedures and it is good that you know them to decide. In the first place, it is a method that enhances the flavor of the dish thanks to the charcoal and the marinades that are added. On the other hand, it is a healthy method because much of the fat will be eliminated naturally. Finally, it is a method that will allow you to achieve your goal in a short time if you organize yourself well. The truth is that hospitality customers notice the difference and this is already a good reason for you to consider using this method.

In contrast, other systems have their drawbacks. Cooking a salmon will remove much of the fat, but also a significant proportion of its nutritional properties. On the other hand, preparing on the grill has the risk of accumulating a large part of the oil. If you prepare your salmon in the oven, there is a better chance that it will dry out.


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