500 g of minced beef
300 g bacon
Salt and pepper to taste
Hearty barbecue sauce
2 medium onions

How to make beef bacon bombs

  1. We prepare the minced meat leaving it at room temperature for about thirty minutes. We season to taste.
  2. We peel two onions and cut them in half. We separate the outer layers reserving several pieces with the shape of a half-sphere. The rest of the onion is used for stews or for frying in other recipes.
  3. We are preheating the oven to 190ºC
  4. We form small meatballs and cover them with two onion halves forming a sphere.
  5. We line each meat bomb with several slices of bacon.
  6. We varnish the bombs with abundant barbecue sauce
  7. We put the meat bombs in the oven, letting them cook for ten minutes at 180ºC and then 5 minutes at 230ºC with the oven on gratin function.
  8. We serve the bombs whole or cut in half, garnished with cherry tomato salad

Tricks and tips

  • You can make the filling if you prefer with minced meat, a mixture of pork and beef.
  • If you want, you can add chopped mushrooms, ham tacos or chorizo ​​, or chistorra chunks to the meat filling.
  • You are also free to season it with other spices of your liking
  • Another option is to give it a spicy touch by adding minced garlic, chili, or Tabasco to the minced meat.


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