They are barbecues without limits so that no one is indifferent to the comfort they provide to taste the most exquisite cuts and enjoy their quick or electronic ignition system.

It guarantees a super simple and fast way to grill. They are barbecues that come very well equipped and that in addition, you can buy more incredible accessories. They are totally designed for fun.

They come equipped with an important number of accessories and utensils that make meats and vegetables prepare in the most comfortable and safe way, for greater protection of the cooks and all their guests.

Its comparative advantages with respect to charcoal barbecues are many since their quality and durability offer a wide range of models for all tastes, spaces, and budgets. Some like the Weber Q 1200 are ideal for small spaces such as small balconies and gardens. It uses a small 450-gram gas cartridge and has a power of 2.8 kW.

Its tub and lid are made of cast aluminum and it also has a thermometer built into its lid that allows the cook to have total control of the fire while cooking their meats. In addition, it has two folding tables made of hardened thermoplastic, very comfortable for the gas barbecue that has wide handles that allow, like most of these models, it’s easy handling.

With gas barbecues, you can regulate the temperature of the cooking grates, many of them made of vitrified cast iron, with very durable stainless steel burners and electronic ignition.

A very useful piece is the fat recovery tray. Its support hook is also one of the most varied utensils that can be purchased on the web pages and stores of the best gas barbecue brands.


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