Would you like to buy a barbecue but you don’t know which one is best for you? Don’t worry, you are in the right place! We know that choosing a grill can be difficult due to its wide variety and the different possibilities of each barbecue. And, that is why today we show you the differences between charcoal, gas, wood-burning, and electric barbecues.

What are the differences between charcoal, gas, wood-burning, and electric barbecues?

A barbecue is good for cooking, yes. But there are many other factors that will make it more convenient for you to choose one type of grill or another. For example, the temperature control, the ignition process, the aroma, or the cleaning.

In this sense, it is interesting that you value what priorities you have when cooking. Are you interested in making the barbecue easy to light? For you, controlling the temperature is key? Depending on your answers, it will be easier for you to choose the ideal type of barbecue for you.

Charcoal barbecues

The charcoal barbecues are the most successful. It is true that the lighting process can be a bit difficult if you have little experience, but there are very affordable accessories, such as charcoal lighters, that solve this problem perfectly.

These types of barbecues are ideal for people who are looking for the typical barbecued flavor and aroma, without complications, without the need to have butane or to connect it to the current. Perfect to prepare them anywhere.

Also, if you are looking for tabletop or portable barbecues, you will find a wide variety of models of charcoal barbecues of this type. You can put them on the table and cook while you eat. These types of charcoal barbecues are usually small, ideal for tight spaces.

Gas barbecues

The gas barbecues are extremely easy to use: with their knobs, you can turn it quietly and control the temperature at which you have the food at all times.

It is highly recommended to use it if you want to have it on your terrace or garden and use it very regularly because it will be very comfortable to use. They are also perfect for families or people who regularly have guests because they tend to be of considerable size, which allows cooking for many people at the same time.

Wood barbecues

The barbecue’s wood gives it an incredible flavor to food. This is undoubtedly its great strong point: a great aroma and flavor of fire that gives a very special touch to the dishes.

There are some barbecues, such as the Montana barbecue, that are prepared so that you can use them with charcoal or firewood as you like. A highly recommended option to vary according to your tastes.

Electric barbecues

If you have little space, or even if you want to cook indoors, electric barbecues can be your best ally. You just need to plug them into the power to turn them on, which is convenient and practical. They normally have controls with which to control the temperature at all times.

Despite this, if you are looking for an intense barbecue flavor, this type of barbecue may not be for you.

Summary table

In this summary table, you can see the differences between the different barbecues.

features Gas barbecue Charcoal barbecue Wood-burning barbecue Electric barbecue
Lit Perfect Difficult Very difficult Perfect
Temperature control Perfect Difficult Difficult Okay
Smell Okay Okay Perfect Neutral
Cleaning Difficult Difficult Difficult Difficult

Other factors to consider

It is clear that beyond the differences between gas, wood, charcoal, and electric barbecues, you should take into account a couple of other factors when buying a barbecue: the space you have and the price.


Having a small terrace in the middle of the city is not the same as having a large garden on the outskirts. Take into account the space you have to find the perfect barbecue.

Typically the smallest type of barbecues is tabletop type charcoal barbecues or electric barbecues. These barbecues are the solution for people who have little space but want to enjoy a good barbecue.

If, on the other hand, space is not a problem for you and you usually cook for many, perhaps a good option is a gas barbecue or a large charcoal barbecue.

The price

Another factor to take into account is the price. If you plan to give your barbecue intensive use and use it very regularly, don’t skimp when choosing. A powerful and high-quality barbecue will guarantee you can enjoy it for many years without problems.

If you use your barbecue very punctually, you will also find simpler and more affordable models, specially designed for less intensive use.


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