The best thing about having a barbecue is sharing it with friends and family. This is what all our clients tell us, delighted to be able to spend extraordinary moments with their loved ones. It is from this desire to share the experience of making a barbecue that tabletop barbecues are born.

What are tabletop barbecues?

Tabletop barbecues are small grills that are placed on the table and that allow you to cook at the same time that you are eating, simultaneously.

It is a convenient way to prepare food and avoids having to get up to check the food. Ideal for those days when you want to enjoy the flavor of grilled meat in the most practical way possible.

Its small size is perfect to place it in the center of the table and cook as you need food. This will allow everyone to cook what they want when they want.

What advantages do tabletop barbecues offer?

1. They get everyone involved

Tabletop barbecues allow everyone to participate in the cooking process. Everyone can cook whatever they want when they want. It’s over that there is always only one person who has to cook everything!

2. You can eat and cook at the same time

In this way, a much more complete experience is created, allowing you to share the experience of cooking and eating with young and old, involving everyone in the barbecue.

Because this is what a barbecue is about, enjoying food and company! And this is why tabletop barbecues were born, with the intention of integrating the cooking process into the experience of making a barbecue.

3. You eat without the food getting cold

Sometimes when making a barbecue, it happens that the kitchen gets cold: once you have been cooking for a while, the first thing you have cooked no longer has the perfect temperature. With tabletop barbecues, you can keep food at its perfect temperature point without even having to get up to control it.

4. Ideal for small spaces

There are more and more brands that create this type of barbecue, tabletop barbecues because they are an essential accessory in many homes. In addition, it is worth noting its small size, which allows you to have it even if you do not have much space.

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