For lovers of a good paella, here are some tips and steps to cook like a real chef, the best paellas on your Barbecue!

Today we will focus on the seafood paella.

Normally we prepare the traditional paella in a paella, if, as the strictest Valencians call it, the container where the paella is cooked, is called with the same name, in fact, the dish receives the name of the container that we use to cook it. We can also cook it in a cast-iron casserole. Of course, what we cannot miss when cooking this type of paella is the essential spice of this recipe: saffron.

The preparation time for this dish will last around 30-35 minutes and the correct cooking temperature is between 180ºC – 230ºC.

The broth that we are going to use can be made by boiling water with the heads and shells of the prawns, bay leaf, white wine, paprika, salt, a bit of chili and don’t forget … the saffron.

Seafood paella with prawns and mussels.

Brown the prawns over direct heat for about 2 minutes, turning them only once (cook them halfway) so that they then finish cooking with the rice.

Let the mussels cook for 8-10 minutes with the lid down, until the mussels open.

It is advisable to turn or move the paella pan or cast iron casserole to achieve homogeneous cooking.

The rice is done once it has absorbed practically all the broth and looks smooth, without the grains of rice sticking together.

Finally, remove the paella pan or casserole from the barbecue grill and let the rice rest for 5 minutes before serving.


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