Main ingredients:
• 250g burgers
• Muffin bread • Grated or crushed Parmesan cheese
• Salt
• Fresh tomato
• Onion
• Arugula


First, we light our barbecue and let the charcoal reach a grayish color that will indicate that we are already at the optimum point of heat to be able to cook.
Next, we add the whiskey wood to the embers to flavor the meat. It is convenient to slightly moisten the wood so that it smokes for a longer time and we can choose between using a smoker if we have one or putting it directly.

Once the wood is laid, we place the hamburgers on the grill, let them mark the direct method, and then, we cover the barbecue to get the meat to cook completely.

When we take out the hamburgers, we take the Parmesan and put it on top of the hamburger that, taking advantage of its heat, will melt and then we place the hamburgers on the buns with some slices of onion, tomato, and a little arugula. As a tip, we can mark the bread a little on the barbecue if we like it to be crispy.

If we see that our hamburger still lacks company, we can take advantage of and wrap some potatoes in silver foil and place them between the embers for 20-25 minutes. To see if they are done we can prick them with a fork and if we do not notice much opposition, they are ready.

We remove the silver foil, we cut them in half, we plate them and we put the Ali-Oli sauce, or whatever we like the most, and… Voila! We have everything ready to sit at the table and enjoy.

Although to finish the job well we can always take a photo of ourselves with our plate and send it to friends so that they remember us.


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