Sometimes we are undemanding with the charcoal we use in our barbecues. But we must bear in mind that choosing the right charcoal can significantly help us improve the performance of our barbecue.

The factors that we cannot control with the naked eye

There are some very specific parameters that are indicators of the quality of the coal. Unfortunately, however, these characteristics are not always available to the end consumer so that they can make the right decision.

We are talking about a series of factors such as the following, which should be met if we are talking about quality coal:

-Moisture content: must be less than 10%
-Volatile matter content: liquid waste and tars, around 30%
-Fixed carbon content: about 80%
-Ash content: about 5

4 tricks to choose the best charcoal

At we have proposed to make a list of characteristics that are easily appreciated by the end consumer so that you can determine for yourself if charcoal is of quality or not.

1. If you notice that the charcoal you use regularly crumbles, it means that it has a moisture content of more than 10%. Therefore, it is not a type of charcoal that suits you.

2. Good coal has to present difficulties in the ignition and has to have clean combustion. A high and prolonged carbonization temperature gives us a carbon with low volatile content. On the other hand, low-quality coal is distinguished by a high volatile content: the coal ignites easily and releases fumes.

3. A high carbon content provides us with carbon with high calorific value. If you find that you need a lot of coal to generate heat, consider buying another type of coal.

4. A final indicator is the residues that remain after combustion is complete. These residues are polluting and do not contribute anything. Therefore, good charcoal should have low ash content.

Other factors to consider …

-Buy High-density coal: 3kg of good quality occupies half that of a low-quality one.
-Coal size has to be homogeneous, without crumbling
-The noise of coal has to be similar to that of glass


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