We all love a good barbecue but this time we are going to do something very tasty like a good grilled meatloaf.
1 Large pork bondiola
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 bunch parsley, minced
1 Green pepper, minced
1/4 tomato, minced without seeds
Spices to taste, pepper, oregano, ground chili
1 Tbsp olive oil

  1. Steps 1

    We cut all the vegetables well and add the seasonings, then olive oil and mix, we reserve to make the shredding.

  2. Steps 2

    With a 4 to 5 cm wide blade knife, we ​​proceed to insert it from one tip of the bondiola to almost reaching the other end, parallel to the plane of the blade.

  3. Steps 3

    We turn the bondiola longitudinally 90 degrees and repeat the previous cut, in the exposed way the perforation made will go from one end to almost the other, forming a cross

  4. Steps 4

    With the help of a spoon, we introduce the vegetable mixture into the bondiola.

  5. Steps 5

    Closing the open end by means of a few points with chorizo ​​thread and we make a few detours to the meat in order to maintain its shape, when roasting we do not salt.

  6. Steps 6

    We take the preparation to the grill with very strong embers in order to seal the cut by means of 4 quarters of turns of 5 minutes each and a height of 10 cm.

  7. Steps 7

    We lower the intensity of the embers to soft and salt and continue the roast, again making 4 quarter turns of 20 minutes each.

  8. Steps 8

    Once the cooking is finished, we let the temperature drop somewhat and remove the thread from around it and take it to the table to cut into slices.


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