Prepare the embers correctly. If you want your barbecue to be a success, you must start on the right foot and take care of all the details. Light the barbecue with wood or charcoal, and wait about 40 minutes until you get the perfect embers to start cooking. The embers should turn gray. Don’t start cooking until there is even heat. Keep in mind, too, that the grill cannot be too close to the embers. These tips are essential to start cooking with your barbecue.

Aromatize the embers. Would you like to give your food a special touch? Do you want to surprise yours originally and simply? We recommend using aromatic herbs or scented charcoal briquettes. You can also use different types of firewood or charcoal or wood chips to make your food taste very special.

Use security measures. Preparing a barbecue is not dangerous, but a few simple safety measures must be followed to ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises. If you need to move the grill because, for example, your barbecue allows several positions, it is necessary to use kitchen gloves. When it is time to turn the food on the grill, use long tongs, which allow you to move the food from a safe distance and without putting your hands too close to the grill.
Before making a barbecue, try to choose a place enabled for barbecue and at a time of year when it is allowed. For greater safety, use a barbecue with spark arresters to prevent fires.

Add the salt last. the salt, in contact with the heat, causes the meat to produce liquids that can lower the temperature of the embers. To avoid this, add the salt when you are about to finish cooking.

Surround yourself with the best company. Having a barbecue is the perfect occasion to get together with your family or friends. An ideal day to have a great time enjoying good cuisine.


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