Grilling vegetarian is anything but boring! This is proven by our varied ideas with spicy cheese, colorful vegetables, and other delicacies that really gain flavor on the grill. Not only vegetarians get their money’s worth with these recipes:

What can I grill as a vegetarian?

In addition to vegetarian sausages, feta, halloumi, vegetables, tofu & Co. are the main attractions when grilling meatless. These ingredients come on the grill either pure or marinated, or finalize vegetarian burgers, crispy sandwiches, or bulging grill parcels. In the following, we will explain to you how cheese and vegetables from the grill are particularly delicious.

The marinade adds flavor!

With a spicy marinade made from fresh herbs and spices of your choice, you can easily conjure up delicious grilled food from disgusting vegetables and cheese. The longer you put the marinade in the grilled food, the more aromatic it will be. If it has to go quickly, it is also sufficient to put the cheese and vegetables straight on the grill and then brush them with marinade while still hot. Our tip: What goes well with any vegetable is a mixture of mustard, honey, lime juice, herbs, chopped garlic, salt, and pepper.

The corn on the cob with herb butter still tastes really good to us, but with chili butter, it becomes fiery and hot. Or how about a cauliflower steak? Thanks to our Asian lime and soy marinade, it gets nicely spicy and gets the necessary roasted aromas on the grill. Together with creamy lightning hummus and fresh avocado, simply terrific!