While meat, fish, or vegetables are sizzling on the grill, we can nibble on the delicious side dishes for grilling. The best recipes for salads, dips, and Co.!

All kinds of salads, marinated vegetables, home-baked bread, and variously seasoned dips taste great as side dishes for grilling. With these recipes, every barbecue party is sure to be a culinary delight.

Side dishes for grilling: Salad is the classic!

Salads should not be missing when grilling. Regardless of whether it is green leaf salad, pasta, or potato salad. The cold grill side dish is easy to prepare and take with you. Local vegetables such as tomatoes, radishes, or cucumbers have a particularly aromatic taste in summer and make salads a feast for the palate. Especially in warm temperatures, they are the perfect accompaniment to grilling. Leaf salads should be mixed with dressing just before serving. Potato or pasta salads can sit for a few hours. Then they will be even tastier.

Fresh or pickled vegetables

When vegetables don’t end up on the grill, zucchini, aubergine, and Co. are wonderful side dishes for grilling. Raw foods like carrots, peppers, or K ohlrabi can be dipped and olives and for example, Antipasti have everyone like to. With vegetables, an extra portion of vitamins ends up on the grill buffet.

Bread and dips

Bread is also part of the barbecue as a side dish. Either freshly baked or roasted briefly over the grill. It tastes particularly delicious with homemade herb butter, tzatziki, or delicious dips. Tip for spontaneous grillers: Stick bread without yeast only needs a few ingredients and when baked on the grill it tastes great with grilled meat, vegetables, or grilled cheese.

Potatoes as a grill side dish

Potatoes can be wrapped in foil and cooked easily on the grill or between the coals. Also cooked in the oven beforehand, for example as aromatic rosemary potatoes, the potato makes a great accompaniment to grilling.