How nice when the sun finally shines again and the temperatures rise. We then prefer to spend our time in the open air and enjoy a variety of grilled delicacies while grilling. A great selection of crispy salads for grilling should not be missing.

Salads for grilling – from simple to creative

If the sun comes out unexpectedly, we like to spontaneously decide to throw on the grill. Steaks and sausages are quickly put on the wire rack – all that’s missing is the right salad. Salads that can be conjured up out of a hat are particularly suitable for spontaneous barbecuing: Simple ingredients such as cucumber, tomato, sheep’s cheese, and a quick dressing of oil, vinegar, and mustard can be used to create an uncomplicated barbecue salad in no time at all.

If there is a long-planned barbecue event for the weekend, you can use the lead time and try our more creative salad recipes. How about a fresh mint and couscous salad or an Asian herb and rice salad, for example? After all, it doesn’t always have to be the classic green salad or the normal pasta salad. Let yourself be inspired by our delicious salad creations – and feel free to do something new. You will see, everyone will love your salad!

These barbecue salads are easy to prepare!

Don’t you agree that salads that have been pulled through for a day taste much better? Provided the design doesn’t drown the crunchy ingredients. Therefore, especially salads, which consist of a large extent of couscous, pasta, or rice, can be prepared in the evening before grilling. Even raw food -Klassiker as cabbage and carrot salad go well in advance to prepare. Do you want to still prefer a salad of fresh green salads prepares, remember that dressing to pour only a few minutes before serving over the salad?

For hot days: dressing without mayonnaise

The barbecue events, which last for many hours and where you can really enjoy the time with loved ones, are remembered. For the salads, this means one thing above all: sweat! Especially in summer. To ensure that the salad stays fresh for a long time, never leave it in the blazing sun – and it is better not to use mayonnaise for the dressing. A light vinaigrette or a vinegar / oil-based salad dressing is just the thing because it doesn’t go bad that quickly.