Not too long, not too short, with the shell or without? At first glance, grilling prawns is a real science – and a supposedly risky undertaking for beginners! But don’t be too shy: We’ll show you the three best methods on how to make grilled shrimp at every barbecue party!

Grilling shrimp – which types are suitable?

Scampi’s, king prawns, shrimp: the small marine animals come in numerous varieties. Basically, it doesn’t matter which type of shrimp you choose for grilling, because taste and consistency are similar or the same for all types.

However, you should note that the size of the animals varies greatly: While the term shrimp describes smaller species, king prawns, also called giant prawns, are much larger. However, if you pay attention to the correct preparation and grilling time, every grilled shrimp tastes delicious.

How do I properly prepare shrimp for grilling?

In supermarkets and fishmongers, shrimp are usually sold whole with their shell and head. So that the marine animals do not get bitter when grilling, you should definitely remove the intestines beforehand. To do this, cut into the shrimp on the back and pull out the intestine with a sharp knife.

You can also remove the shell before grilling. However, you should note that the scampi can burn and dry out faster on the grill without their shell. The peeled shrimp are easier to marinate and season. To peel, simply enlarge the cut on the back and peel off the skin all around.

How do I season shrimp for grilling?

The little crabs naturally have a special aroma. In order to get the right seasoning and to avoid the prawns burning on the grill, it is advisable to soak them in oil before grilling. Sesame and olive oil are particularly suitable for this. How you design the rest of your spice selection is entirely up to your imagination. Scampi’s taste particularly good seasoned with salt, pepper, and chopped garlic, but also with hot chili, curry, or a sweet marinade made from honey and sesame. You can find more spicy ideas here:

Grilling shrimp – three methods

Basically, when grilling shrimp, it doesn’t matter whether the animals land on skewers, in an aluminum bowl, or just like that on the grill.

Skewers: If you choose the skewer variant, you can also pimp the crabs with vegetables such as zucchini. In addition, the skewers are very easy to turn.

Grill grate: When prepared directly on the grill grate, the scampi become wonderfully smoky. But caution is also advised: The high temperatures make the shrimp smaller and can therefore easily fall through the grate.

Aluminum bowl: If you like to be on the safe side, you should opt for preparation in an aluminum bowl. Small prawns such as shrimps can also be prepared in it and are guaranteed to be juicy and not too dry.

A suitable grill for the recipe would be a camping gas grill or the balcony variant smokeless charcoal grill

Grilling shrimp – tips for success

Fresh prawns need to be fried on the grill for 8 to 12 minutes, depending on the heat.

If you decide to use frozen scampis when grilling shrimp, gentle defrosting is particularly important. It’s best to put the frozen prawns in the refrigerator overnight and marinate them the next day.

Pay attention to freshness when buying. You can recognize ready-to-eat and fresh shrimps by their subtle smell of the sea, a light color without dark spots, and a firm shell.