Meat on the grill? Anyone can do that! Grilling fish provides more variety at the barbecue party. It’s delicious, light, and healthy!

Fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which have positive effects on the heart and the immune system, among other things. Salmon, trout, or tuna are great sources for this. Saltwater fish also provides iodine, which is important for metabolism. If that’s not a good reason to grill fish ?! In addition, it is through faster – that means no more long waiting times.

Grilling fish – how’s it going?

Hang the rack higher than you would grill meat. It is best to place the fish on the edge of the grill where it won’t be too hot. Meanwhile, turn it carefully over and over again.

There are several ways to grill fish. Sea bream, sea bass, and trout have firm meat and are cooked whole on the grill. There are special grill baskets or fish tongs to prevent them from falling apart when you turn them.

Grill bowls are great for whole fish but also for fillets. They are also suitable for cod, salmon, or halibut as they have very soft meat. They are grilled even more gently if you dice the fish and wrap it in banana leaves or aluminum foil.

Like the skin, you can grill the scales with it. Simply grill the fish on the skin side, then the meat has more hold and remains juicy. You can eat the crispy skin at the end.

Tip: For perfect preparation at the table, we recommend a charcoal grill with active ventilation

How can I marinate fish?

The marinade should contain as little acid and salt as possible. Put the fish in it for thirty minutes beforehand, otherwise, it will disintegrate faster.

Oil-based marinades are particularly suitable for whole fish. This will prevent them from sticking to the grate. You can spice it up with ginger, mustard, onions, lemon peel, and herbs. Dab the marinade a little beforehand – otherwise oil will drip into the embers and it will smoke.

If you cook the fish as a packet in aluminum foil or banana leaves, you can rub it with a mixture of dry or fresh herbs. Thyme, dill, or basil are ideal for this. Fennel, chili, or lemon add extra flavor. If you scratch the fish, everything will be better absorbed. So that nothing sticks, you can grease the shell with garlic butter, for example.

Tip for even more aroma

Grilling fine fish fillets is a particular challenge. They often stick to the grate and disintegrate when turned. Simply put a few lemon wedges on the grid and grill the fish fillet on them – this way it cannot get stuck and has a delicious lemon aroma.

When is the fish done?

The thicker and bigger the fish, the longer the cooking time. It is between five to 20 minutes.

For the cooking test, prick the thickest part of the fish with a knife and push it apart from a little. If the meat is no longer translucent but rather brightly white, it is done.