Summer lures you to barbecue in the garden. With the right equipment, you can create delicious BBQ menus for every taste. From the fire starter to the pizza stone, the selection of grill accessories is huge. We have compiled the most important thing.

The grill basics

Whether charcoal, electric or gas grill, some things are simply part of the basic equipment of every grill master. A whole set of grill utensils with tongs and meat forks of different lengths is a helpful tool for advanced grill masters . For occasional barbecues and beginners, long grill tongs with a large shovel can also turn the food over.

Grill gloves are a must when it comes to safety. They should be fireproof and have a long shaft to protect the forearms as well. Finger gloves make it easier to grip. If you want, you can also use leather gloves . They are available from around ten euros.

If you want to grill more than a normal steak and a few sausages, you should get a grill thermometer . To ensure that the meat is juicy, it is used to check the core temperature for the perfect cooking point.

Everything in the basket

Gourmets don’t just grill meat. It has to be varied with grilled vegetables and fish. A vegetable basket is particularly helpful for small vegetables such as champions or tomatoes so that nothing falls through the grid . For a delicious dessert, you can also use the basket to grill bananas . A fish roaster can be used so that fish does not fall apart when grilling and can easily be turned without sticking . The fish is placed between the grid, which can be closed with the handle so that nothing falls out.
For the charcoal grill
If fat drips onto the glowing coal, unhealthy substances can arise. Drip pans to catch on hereunder dripping fat and marinade. With indirect grilling , you can also fill them with water and place them under the grill. The resulting humidity influences the taste of the food and makes it particularly tender. If you grill a lot, you should definitely use reusable stainless steel bowls. That saves the environment and in the long run also your wallet.


The choice of the grill lighter is a matter of taste. They exist of Paraffinanz├╝ndern about gel fuel to the ecological biovar.

A chimney is suitable for simply and cleanly lighting charcoal grills . Charcoal or briquettes are placed in the top of the fireplace. Grill lighters, wood wool or kitchen paper are placed on the grill or other fire-proof surface and lit. Place the chimney over it. The fuel is completely glowed when it is covered with a layer of white ash on top. Then it can be carefully emptied into the grill with a grill glove.

Cooking outside

A grill can do more than just steak and sausages. With the right accessories, it becomes an outdoor kitchen and is great for pizza, for example. To do this, place a pizza stone on the grillage and preheat it by indirect grilling. The pizza prepare a sheet and place the sheet on the stone. Close the lid so that the heat reflects off the top of the pizza. The pizza stone ensures a crispy base.

For real BBQ fans

Another favourite of barbecue fans are grill grates . The corrugated aluminium strips are placed on the grill and give steaks, burgers and vegetables a characteristic stripe or diamond pattern, a so-called branding. Thanks to the almost closed grilles, the fat does not drip onto the coals and there is no unhealthy fat burn. If you turn the grill ridges and use the smooth back, they are ideal for pizza, fish and seafood. The aluminium does not rust and is easy to care for.


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