There are no limits to creativity when preparing burgers, and clever experimentation with delicious ingredients is worth it! The burger meat as a base should always be well seasoned and particularly tasty. We explain how to season burger patties deliciously.

Season the burger meat

Fast food restaurants were yesterday! With little effort, you can conjure up a delicious, juicy burger on your plate – according to your own taste. Let your creativity run free and choose delicious ingredients that you particularly like. But the most important thing is the burger meat. It should be well seasoned during preparation so that the burger does not taste bland in the end. Which spices make the burger meat particularly tasty? You will find out from us.

Seasoning burgers: the right meat

The most important thing here is the quality of the meat and the right preparation. Fresh minced meat is essential. It’s best to buy the meatat the butcher you trust and find out more about the keeping and origin of the animal. This is the only way to guarantee quality and freshness. Also ask about the fat content of the meat. For minced meat that is processed into burger patties, the fat content should be between 20 and 40 percent so that the meat slices do not fall apart when grilling or roasting. For aromatic burger patties, you should use pure ground beef and not use packaged mixed ground beef. Burger gourmets, for example, appreciate the US beef neck, which is ideal as a patty.

Make your own burger: preparation

The fresh minced meat must first be kneaded well, this works best with your hands. Important : Many people initially add the spices to the minced meat mixture. But it is better to use them just before roasting (see below). After everything has been kneaded well, it is time to shape. In the well-stocked supermarket you will find patty shapes, also known as hamburger presses . With such a shape you can create the perfect slice of minced meat. Thanks to the uniform thickness of the meat, the patty can be cooked optimally.

But the minced meat can also be shaped without a meat press. Patties should be about 10 cm in diameter and 2 cm high. Slices that are too thin often dry out and tend to burn quickly before they’re done inside. After kneading and shaping, the burger meat should rest in the refrigerator for one to two hours – this makes it easier to fry or grill afterwards. Before roasting begins, a hollow is pressed into the meat so that the patties don’t puff up and stay flat. This works best with a normal tablespoon.

Season burger patties:

Some only use salt and pepper for the perfect burger meat, others are more generous with spices and herbs. In the end, you have to like it, which is why you can experiment and try it out. There are no limits to the selection and combination of spices and herbs. However, you should only use dry spices and not work them directly into the meat. The burger slices can then be generously but evenly sprinkled with dried spices.

Tip:If you like it unusual, you can use unusual ingredients, such as mustard or a pinch of brown sugar, and season the burger meat with them. Even a small dash of vinegar or your favorite barbecue sauce can refine the taste.

The perfect burger patty

Depending on your taste preferences, sometimes just salt and pepper is enough. The meat’s own taste then remains in the foreground. Salt is essential for every burger, because it removes water from the meat, making it aromatic and tasty.

It is important that you season the meat just before frying, otherwise the patties will be dry and hard. It does not matter whether you only work with salt and pepper or with other spices. By the way, thyme, rosemary, basil and oregano go perfectly with beef.

There are also delicious spice mixes especially for burger meat. For example from Ankerkraut, via Amazon for approx. 8 euros and from Azafran for approx. 10 euros, also via Amazon .

Whether hamburgers, cheeseburgers or your very own creation – there is nothing like the perfect burger meat and fresh burger buns!

Let yourself be inspired by our delicious burger recipes and recipes for delicious barbecue sauces !


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