Grill meatless? This works out! Discover great alternatives for the grill rack such as cheese, tofu or vegetables. We’ll reveal great recipes for vegetarian grilling!

Spring is the perfect season to barbeque. For freshly baked vegans and vegetarians there is often little reason to be happy. Because mostly one thing in particular is associated with grilled dishes: meat, meat and more meat.

But grilling has long ceased to mean just putting steaks on the grill. There are also great alternatives to bratwurst and Co. for people who prefer to enjoy meatless food. We have researched and selected one or the other meatless delicacy that belongs on the grill for you.


Grilling meatless: cheese for the grill

The oriental halloumi cheese, a specialty from Cyprus, is particularly popular. It consists of cow, sheep and goat milk. You can buy it in Turkish shops, supermarkets or butchers. The halloumi is cut into one and a half centimeters thick slices, coated with olive oil and can then be grilled on both sides until golden brown.

Feta cheese, i.e. soft cheese made from sheep’s milk, also cuts a fine figure on the grill. Feta cannot simply be placed on the grill like halloumi. It has to be wrapped in aluminum foil and can even be marinated with herbs such as rosemary or basil, oil and possibly finely chopped olives. There are no limits to your imagination. Then it has to be on the grill for about 15 minutes. You can also use it as a filling, for example for delicious grilled potatoes filled with feta cheese.

Fish on the grill

Fish can usually be prepared wonderfully on the grill in many variations. It is best to choose types of fish with firm meat and a higher fat content, such as tuna, salmon or trout.

The fish can be grilled whole on the wire rack or placed in a special fish basket so that it is easier to turn. The fish does not take as long to cook on the grill as it does in the pan.

As a general rule, the grate should always be properly oiled so that the fish does not stick to it. The fish is grilled skin side first and grilled immediately after turning it for the first time. That means: fish should only be turned once on the grill.
Fish that disintegrates easily or needs special seasoning can be wrapped in aluminum foil or placed on the grill in an aluminum grill tray .

Grilling meatless: vegetables

Firm vegetables that do not get mushy too quickly are suitable : zuccini, aubergine, onions or peppers. They are best served as vegetable skewers so that they don’t fall apart on the grill. There are well-rated skewers for the grill here . However, the salt should only be added after grilling, as it can take away the crispness of the vegetables when grilling. Grilled vegetables are also a popular side dish for meat eaters!

Delicious for vegans

In addition to vegetables, there are also delicious alternatives for vegans. For example, firm tofu and especially smoked tofu or seitan can be grilled in aluminium foil and treated in a similar way to feta cheese.

Vegans and vegetarians can also find ready-made alternatives such as tofu or seitan sausage and vegetable steaks for the grill on the refrigerated shelves of large supermarkets or health food stores. With individual ingredients such as vegetables, tofu and potatoes, delicious skewers or salads can also be prepared for vegans.
Tip: Grill tongs help to turn vegetables, fish and the like. There is a well-rated model here.

BBQ buffet

A grill buffet is ideal for putting together a large variety of vegetables, salads and fish and thus offering a large selection.


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