No meat is more tender than a nice piece of beef fillet. If prepared correctly, it tastes particularly delicious from the grill and has a smoky taste. But how does it get nice and juicy? Grilling a beef fillet, that’s how it works!

Grilling beef fillet: the right meat is essential

You can be the best grill master – if there isn’t good meat on the grill, it won’t do much good. When shopping, ask at the meat counter where the fillet is from. Pieces of fillet are cut from the loin of the beef. The middle sirloin is used to make steaks, which you can cook wonderfully on the grill. Success depends on the thickness of the fillet: the thicker the piece of meat, the better a crust develops, which allows the core to cook until tender and juicy. Make sure you order fillet slices that are at least six centimeters thick. This may look too big at first, but don’t forget that a lot of water evaporates and the meat loses bulk during grilling.

Marinade? Not necessarily

Good meat has a very delicate taste of its own, so it doesn’t actually need a marinade – seasoning it with a little salt and freshly ground pepper at the end creates the pure taste experience. But of course there are very tasty variants: If you love marinades, then make them yourself like our simple marinade in three different variants . Note: Avoid ready-marinated goods when buying meat, because low-quality meat with a high percentage of fat is often used for this. The marinade also often tastes like it comes off an assembly line.

After the beef fillet comes off the grill, there is nothing wrong with seasoning it with steak pepper or salt. A little herb butter can also intensify the taste of the meat. When grilling, the core temperature is important. Before the fillet is on the grill, you should inform your guests about the desired cooking state so that you can achieve the perfect cooking time. In the “Rare” condition, the core temperature varies between 48 and 52 degrees during grilling, in the “Medium Rare” condition between 52 and 55 degrees. For a “medium” grilled fillet steak you need a core temperature of 55 to 59 degrees and for a “well done”, ie 60 to 62 degrees, to get a well-cooked result.

For the perfect steak on the charcoal grill
As soon as the charcoal is well drawn through and the embers glow red, the piece of meat comes on the grill. So that it gets enough heat, move the grate a little closer to the coals. You can use a meat thermometer to check the core temperature and adjust the grid as required. Ideally, the fillet only stays on the grill for two to five minutes and is only turned once or twice with meat tongs. This is the only way to create the delicious crust that will make your guests’ mouth water when they look.


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