The German folk fruit with a difference: We give you tips on how the baked potatoes can be cooked on the grill and become a crisp, fresh component of enjoyment on the barbecue evening.

We have fallen for the earth apple! As fried potatoes, juicy pancakes from the pan, soft vegetable wedges from the oven or as a simple side dish from the pot. The Germans are absolute potato fans and enjoy vegetables in all variations. So that you don’t have to go without the super vegetables during the barbecue season, we give you tips on how to turn the baked potato into a grilled potato and how it is guaranteed to succeed. Tip: For your barbecue party , you should calculate at least one per person, depending on the size of the potatoes.

Buying and preparing for the perfect baked potato

Always use floury potatoes for baked, baked or grilled potatoes – they contain more starch than waxy potatoes and are therefore looser. Perfect for spooning with a delicious dip! If you are not shopping at the weekly market, you will also find pre-packaged bags with large baked potatoes in the supermarket. When shopping, make sure that the potatoes have a tender skin, are firm and plump and have no dark spots or shoots. If potatoes – this applies to all potatoes – have too many germs, the poisonous solanine formed can lead to headaches, vomiting or malaise.

Is aluminium foil harmful to health when grilling?

Especially the typical baked potatoes, but also feta or vegetable packets are traditionally prepared in aluminium foil or an aluminium bowl when grilling. In this way, the grilled food is cooked gently without embers, ashes and dirt getting into the food.

But aluminium foil is not only criticized for environmental reasons – health concerns are also expressed in the direction of this type of preparation. How harmful is the use of aluminium foil on the grill really? Various consumer advice centres urge you to be careful. Because whether aluminium foil is poisonous when grilling depends on its correct use. If the food to be grilled contains a lot of salt or acid, the aluminium can separate from the foil and migrate into the food. You should avoid that in any case!

If you would like to use aluminium foil for grilling, as a precaution only season your food after grilling – then there should be no health concerns.

However, you can be on the safe side and do something good for the environment by resorting to alternatives. For example, you can easily use reusable grill trays made of enamel or stainless steel .

Prepare baked potatoes and cook properly

Baked potatoes are not peeled, but washed off thoroughly, which is best done with a brush. Then dry the potatoes well and cook them whole. It is best to pre-cook large potatoes in the oven – if you want to cook them directly on the grill, poke holes in them with a fork to speed up the cooking time. Of course, you can also serve smaller potatoes – in addition to floury varieties, mostly firm varieties are also suitable. Whether you choose small or large potatoes depends on what you also want to serve at the barbecue party: If there is only meat, fish and / or sausages, then the large potatoes with quark or different dips are ideal. If you also serve various other things like salads or toasted bread,

Marinade is also good for potatoes

Now it’s time to start the marinade: Depending on your taste, you can choose from a wide variety of spices. Brush the potato with a little oil and plenty of herbs and spices. You can also top the potato with a piece of butter or put a sprig of herbs on top, rosemary is particularly suitable for this. You can also put vegetables around it. This is then simply cooked at the same time and tastes great with potatoes: onions, peppers, tomatoes and everything that you or your guests like best.

If the potato is now wrapped in aluminium foil or placed in a reusable metal bowl, place the potato on the grill. If you have decided on a large one, first place it in the middle of the grill, because this is where most of the heat collects. After about five minutes of cooking, you can turn the potato and after another five minutes place the potato a little further on the edge. This will prevent the potato from burning. Place directly on the edge of smaller potatoes. Depending on the size, a baked potato takes about half an hour to cook completely. With potatoes from the gas grill, the cooking time can be better determined and better regulated.
For particularly hungry guests, we recommend boiling the potatoes beforehand. This reduces the cooking time on the grill and the food can be served faster. In addition, the potatoes are more likely to be ready at the same time. If you want it to be quick, you can simply wrap the potato and place it directly on the hot embers.

Grilling potatoes: tips to make it happen faster

If grilling the potato takes too long, you can reach into the bag of tricks and cut the potato in half beforehand. Now hollow out something, cover with delicious ingredients, marinate and cook on a piece of foil or a reusable grill tray on the grill. However, the halved potato should not be exposed to the full grill heat, as it is not turned and may burn. So put them on the edge. In addition to butter, herbs, oil, salt, pepper and vegetables , you can also use other ingredients. Sprinkle the potato with some cheese, for example: whether it is feta cheese or Gouda – they are just really delicious with gratin! You are sure to delight your guests with this recipe. Tip: Fan potatoes, also known as Hasselback potatoes, also have a shorter cooking time because they are scored evenly – later simply pour a little herb butter over them. Delicious!


Dice the potatoes and form a kind of grill pan on a piece of aluminium foil. Marinate the pieces with oil, herbs and anything that tastes good or something you have an appetite for. Now put the self-made aluminium pan on the grill and turn it over so that it does not stick to the aluminium foil. Do not use a conventional aluminium pan, as it often has holes and the oil would run out and drip onto the embers.

Baked potatoes go well with salads, fish and meat

When the potatoes are ready, there are no limits to the variety. You can add the small potato cubes over your salad, for example, or just enjoy them. You can garnish the baked potatoes with dips such as sour cream or herb butter and enjoy with salad and meat. Let your imagination run wild and enjoy different variations of the baked potato from the grill.

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