The barbecue season is in full swing and you want something other than meat on the grill? We have great grill tips and alternatives for you.

The perfect barbecue can also be delicious vegetarian, because there should be something for every taste when it comes to grilled food. Delicious grilled vegetables are therefore a must! Try our vegetarian grill recipes and see for yourself that vegetables or cheese from the grill can also be a real treat. Tip: These recipes are also great as grill side dishes!
Grilled feta: Peppers and pine nuts give the goat cheese that certain something on the grill. It is essential to use a grill pan or aluminium foil so that the feta cheese does not drip through the grid.

Grilled vegetables: pumpkin, fennel, fine herbs and spices become a real barbecue poem! You can also add other vegetables to the recipe, such as tomatoes or peppers.

Asparagus packets : Asparagus can also be prepared on the grill. Don’t forget oranges and thyme, because they turn the stick vegetables on the grill into an aromatic experience.
Filled mushrooms: Fill the little mushrooms with ham and cheese and put them on the grill – not directly, of course, but in an aluminium bowl. The mushrooms are an ideal finger food. Garlic or onions instead of ham also taste great.
Mediterranean sweet potato from Gril l : Yummy, sweet potatoes taste just always good. The combination with delicious chickpeas, cherry tomatoes and peppers from the grill is definitely something new.
Grill pizza: Pizza can also be cooked on the grill. For example with soft grilled garlic, potatoes and rosemary. We definitely have to try it out.

Light grill recipes for weight loss

Fatty spare ribs or thick sausages have no place on the grill when dieting. Try our light grill recipes to stay slim all summer despite the many barbecues. Recipes for a light barbecue season:

Stuffed sea bream : The sea bream is cooked on the grill with light summer vegetables – fish contains many healthy vital substances and has comparatively few calories. This recipe is good for your health and the slim line.

Hummus : The paste made from chickpeas is the ideal alternative to mayo, ketchup and Co. because it is highly aromatic and yet has relatively few calories.

Skewers of vegetables and feta cheese: you can never eat enough vegetables! And the sheep’s cheese on these skewers is light, gives the vegetables a lot of flavour and tastes sensationally good!
Grilled Lime Avocados : Avocados are super popular. The delicious lime avocados for the grill are also quick to make and low in calories.

Tip: make a grill buffet with delicious salads, healthy fish and light vegetarian grill alternatives.

Grill ideas for dessert

After all the hearty dishes, something sweet is needed. Fruit is particularly suitable there. Cut the fruits into small pieces, pour some lime or lemon juice over them and put everything together in a grill basket. Strawberries, pineapples, bananas, mangoes, apples and pears, for example, are well suited for the grill. When the fruit is grilled, simply serve with whipped cream. Chocolate sauce also goes well with the fruit – only then is it the perfect barbecue party! Here are a few things to keep in
mind when grilling the fruit:

  • With bananas, the perfect time to take off the grill is when they burst open.
  • Strawberries are sensitive and should never be exposed to excessive heat.
  • You can also simply cut pears in half and place the inside directly on the grillage for a short time. First remove the core housing. The pulp takes on a delicious aroma.
  • Mangoes get a really great smoke aroma when grilled. It is best to remove it from the grid when the fruit flakes are a little crispy on the outside.
  • By the way, pineapple is a wonderful contrast to grilled chicken.
    If you don’t feel like eating fruit, you can grill marshmallows in the classic way, for example. Crêpes and pancakes are also great on the grill.


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