Delicious: The barbecue season is in full swing! But the preparation of the delicacies can quickly become a failure if you make these common mistakes. We reveal which 5 mistakes you should absolutely avoid when grilling.

The 5 most common grilling mistakes and how to avoid them
Grill professional Elmar Hör reveals what the absolute no-gos are for perfect grilling enjoyment. Here are the 5 most common mistakes we should never make when grilling :

All at once

Sausages, meat, vegetables – everything is squeezed close together on the grillage. After all, you want as much food to be grilled as possible to be ready in the shortest possible time, and everyone wants to eat at the same time, right? The professional says here: Wrong! The grill master absolutely needs enough leeway in order to create the right conditions for the different grilled food. A total of three temperature zones should be created.
It works as follows: Arrange the coal beforehand in a staircase shape. At the highest level, for example, a piece of beef is first to be roasted. Because that’s the hottest place. Then move the meat to the medium level.

Too much

Do you turn the grilled food over and over again so that it doesn’t burn? This is precisely where you deny the chance of the classically beautiful grill pattern in sausage and co. Each side should only be turned twice. But be careful: You can only get a nice impression on high-quality grills that have cast iron or grate bars at least half a centimetre in diameter .

Using a fork It is
actually logical: anyone who works with a fork runs the risk of piercing the sausage. Then the fat and juice run out, which dries out the sausage unnecessarily. It can also stir up the ash, which can lead to unsightly stains on the food. So invest in proper barbecue tongs !

Using beer as an aid In order for the German hobby grill to really live up to its reputation, he pours some beer over the meat. That is an absolute mortal sin when grilling! Better to save the beer to drink. Because the drink only whirls up the ash unnecessarily, which is then distributed and possibly eaten along with it. Soaking the meat in beer beforehand is also absolutely frowned upon. Because this makes the delicious grilled food just bitter.

Using aluminium foil If you use aluminium foil or aluminium trays for grilling, you should know: These only stop the heat and allow the food to stick. Try alternatives made from natural leaves (banana, rhubarb or grape leaves) or reusable grill pans made of stainless steel or enamel . To make the most of the temperature, grill vegetables, meat and fish with special grill grids .


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