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    Recipe for pork chops with tomato jam

    ingredients 4 center loin chops 4 ripe tomatoes, unpeeled 2 tablespoons sugar Salt and pepper to taste How to make pork chops We leave the pork chops out of the fridge for an hour to...

    Vegetarian Skewers

    Time needed: 40 minutes. INGREDIENTS (20 SKEWERS APPROX)800 g (2 trays) of small mushrooms1 green pepper2 red peppers1 large onion2 Italian zucchini (zucchinis) chili powder color (to taste)Pepperolive oilsalt or sugar (to muffle...

    How to marinate meat to grill? | Make the palate enjoy

    Knowing how to marinate meat is essential to give food a special touch. Do you want to know how to do it when you are going to cook with charcoal? Here you will know...

    The best sauces for meats cooked on the grill

    The preparation of a good barbecue requires obtaining adequate raw material, a suitable grill, the best charcoal, a trained gastronomic professional; and also, the use of the appropriate sauces. But what are the most recommended...

    8 ideas to throw on the grill

    Innovate on the grill with these delicious and original ideas to throw on the grill or barbecue for the weekend. Surprise your family and friends with these delicacies! The best thing about these dates is...

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